I Dare You To Overcomplicate This...
My Upwork “Flip” Method Lands Me $500 SEO Audits AND I Don’t Even Do The Work Myself
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Want to know how I do it?
Trust Me, Getting Local Marketing Clients Has Never Been THIS Easy.

I would know, because recently I lost my job at the “agency” I used to work for AND if not for this very strategy I may have been left homeless!


My name is John Shea and when I shared my secret UpWork strategy that lands me high paying SEO clients effortlessly with my buddy Paul James…


He was convinced that it was sheer nonsense!

Because With This Method You Can Land $1k+ Clients:
Once I showed him the undeniable proof of the amount of clients I was attracting - I won him over!
You will instantly become a magnet for high paying SEO clients and start attracting “dream” clients.

I’m going to bring you into our inner circle and show you this “unfair advantage” that awards me high paying local marketing clients from freelance sites like UpWork that are hungry for your help.

The whales that you hear all the big guys talk about.

...The clients you only ever wished you could have.

Normally a strategy like this would leave you competing with low-ball outsourcers, but because you’ll have my out of the box creative “hook” - the only question your prospects will be asking is “how quickly can you start!”

Are You Ready To Legally EXPLOIT Freelancing Sites, Giving You A Unique Unfair Advantage To Land As Many High Paying Clients As You Can Handle?
"The 1k Freelance SEO Challenge"

Get ready to jump into our "challenge" and see how many high paying clients you can siphon out of freelance sites, like UpWork!

My unique hook is going to help you stand out from the crowd and have your profile magnetically pulling in prospects left and right who want to buy your services!

Not only is this method ridiculously easy, but you'll humiliate your competition due to the sheer amount of clients you attract into your local marketing business!

YES, I Want To Claim My Special Launch Discount
...Even If You're LAZY You Still Can Cash In...

I'm including a case study where I sold a $500 SEO Audit and I didn't do a SINGLE thing.

I outsourced the entire job for under $30.

I'll even show you WHO I outsourced it to...

So that you can turn around and do it too!

That means, even if you are a COMPLETE "newbie" this will work for you, because you can copy me!

If you can follow my simple instructions, not only can you land high paying clients from freelance sites like Upwork with ease.

...But you can "flip" the job off to someone else to do.

Take the SEO audit I was talking about above for example. Don't know how to do one yourself? No worries just follow my lead and I will show you who I use to do it!

The best part is you don't even need money upfront, because you get paid first before even having to outsource it!


When it comes to local marketing, we have our finger on the pulse! Which is why when you purchase something from us, you'll be confident to know that if anything changes - you get updated for FREE.

You'll never have to worry about being left in the dark, because you've got an "in" with us now!

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To Your Success,

John Shea & Paul James

P.S. This is a time sensitive offer and we reserve the right to remove it at anytime. (for example if we get too many customers in, we will close it to make sure we are answering support tickets promptly)

It is highly recommend to not wait or you risk your chance at taking advantage of a very special opportunity!

YES, I Want To Claim My Special Launch Discount
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